Some of my usual haunts

Photo by Duane Strosaker

Hi, I'm Mark Sanders.
I created this site to share pictures and talk about the sport of kayaking.
I live in Costa Mesa, CA and do most of my paddling
in the ocean off the Newport Beach coast.
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My QCC Kayak

Check graph of Newport Beach tides

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Lee at Bolsa Chica
Back to Chute Rock

Cabrillo Paddle 7/14
Terranea 6/14

Photo by Debra Kettler
Me surfing at Bolsa Chica Photo by Debra Kettler

Gen's New Flying Helmet! Baja Warm Up El Moro 2/14
Kayak Surfer Joe

Birthday Video
Jack Brisley at Bolsa Chica, CA

Lachlan at Bolsa Chica, CA Kayak Surf Photos and Party Wave Sequence

Mom and Daughter Surfing Bolsa Chica, CA

Paddling the Los Angeles River 2013

Terranea Six One 2013

Check out for Baja Kayak Fest photos!
Rock Garden Kayaking April 2013

Easy RG Day

Montana de Oro
Dolphin Frenzy

Kayak Sail Day
Howard's End Paddle

Ever since I first started kayaking, I heard about these strange creatures called "Rock Gardeners!" It was a term that seemed appropriate for Tsunami Rangers and other daring elites of the kayaking world. Now, as I play about near the rocks and the waves, I'm still not sure that I've earned the title. So I've coined a new term for people who feel drawn to paddle where the sea meets the land, Mineral Spirits! If you want to know if you are one, check out my song and video to see if you agree with me!

Rock Gardening
in Palos Verdes
The Luna Tics
A Night RG Paddle

Montana de Oro
Circle of Life
Rock Gardening
in Newport Beach

Black Canyon
Woe is Me
A Blue Whale Tale

Duane Strosaker at T.A.K.S. 2009
In the Surf at TAKS
On the Shore at TAKS
On the Water at TAKS
On the Brinck

To see my videos, go to the
'Kayaking with SandMarks'
show on YouTube

Santa Barbara
Steve Wilson sings
Shark Bait

South of France
Kayak Angst Song

Wave-Ra Takes Me
On a Journey
You Can Leave Your
Hat On

Chocolate Brain!
The Holiday Road

Pier Pressure
The BARcuzzi

Surfin' Turf
Steve Sinclair

Past Day Paddle Reports
Doug Lloyd's Fat Kayakers

Community Service Message
Ship's Log:100 Days of 2008

Paddling through the arch
Photo by Duane Strosaker

This is my usual haunt, Big Arch rock between Corona del Mar beach and Cameo Shores. It's usually protected from large surf, but the swells that curve around the rock and pass through the arch to meet in the middle make for some fun action.
I like to paddle through, but I've got a few scratches and scrapes from an unplanned meeting with the rocks and waves on the other side.

Having fun in the waves

Whale Huntin'

Blue Whale breaching Blue Whale tail Sunfish comes up for a visit

On July 9th, I joined Duane Strosaker and 5 other hardy paddlers for my first whale hunt, out of Dana Point, CA. It turned out to be my most incredible day in a kayak. We shared the ocean with Sea Lions, a Sunfish, a flotilla of Dolphin and best of all Blue Whales! To read more go to:
A Most Incredible Day
To see the full versions of Duane's photos, visit his web site:
Roll or Drown


Sometimes it's good to have the Blues!

The Newport Beach coast
Newport Beach, CA
Not a horrible place to be forced to paddle!
The area around BAR

My bilge pump Backflow preventer Bilge pump battery pack
Here you can see my pump mounted behind the seat. I'm trying to figure out the best position for the Water Witch switch so that it turns off when the pump has removed as much water as it can. Right now I'm using a ten pack of rechargable NiMH batteries in a Pelican case. You can also see my high-tech back-flow preventer!

Carnage photo of me with the O.C. crew
Here you can see one of my proudest moments as a kayaker, where I play the part of a capsized kayaker in a demonstration on how not to aid a fellow paddler!
Photo by Duane Strosaker

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My Kayaks
My main kayak is the Sapsucker, a plastic Tempest 170.
The Lollygagger is a QCC XL500 in Kevlar, my first real boat.
I've got a Mayan Seas Delfin at about 10 1/2 feet that I use for surfing.
For Rock Gardening, I have a Dagger RPM Max.
I also have an Old Town Loon 160 tandem which is a fun, no worries paddling platform.

My Gear
I love Onno paddles; Light and stiff and a great price.
I have two, but they're both broken, so mostly I paddle with a home made GP.
I also have a Redondo Ridgeback, one of Duane Strosaker's handmade spruce and carbon paddles.
My Paddle Float

My Camera
On the water, I use a Pentax Optio W10. I also have a Canon Digital Rebel with a 17-85mm Ultrasonic lens with image stabilization.
Check out my camera/paddle cradle

To see my video set up check out:
The Captain's Mast

My Kayaking Philosophy

Park sign from China

"Always be a Gootleman"
Side view of my QCC kayak

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