Monday Paddle

Went out for a rather mundane Monday paddle today, although the wind tried to keep things interesting. I have to say, though, I'm really getting tired of this lake we call an ocean here. Today the tide was so low, I wondered if the ocean had been repossessed.
Did we sell it to China when I wasn't looking?

There was no paddling behind Big Arch Rock today because its behind was 5 feet out of water!
You mean all this time I've been paddling over all those rocks back there? Why didn't anybody warn me?! Like your gramma's underwear, some things are never supposed to be seen, even if you know they've gotta exist.

I am thankful to a pod of dolphins that were feeling lazy and hung around my kayak long enough for me to snap a few pics. A couple of them were just lying around on their sides on top of the water for quite a while. I think they too were hoping for the tide to return.

A dehydrated BAR

Mark Sanders