No Whale Blues

Six of us headed out of Dana Point Harbor for an early evening paddle in search of Blue Whales. Perhaps we should have done some research on their feeding and activity patterns. Perhaps we just wanted any excuse to spend an evening on the water. As we rounded the jetty, a flotilla of sailboats tried to block our exit. We took them on head to head in an epic battle of "Chicken of the Sea". Suffice to say, we continued unabated.

After a couple of hours of listening and looking, all we heard was the dull drone from the cars on the freeway and the mating calls of amourous Amtrak trains. We had to settle for the sight of a beautiful sunset battling an almost full moon against a kaleidoscope of color of a shimmering smooth sea. As we paddled home, my eagle-eye caught what could only be a large sea-going mammal and I paddled over to investigate. Hmmm...anyone could have mistaken a kelp paddy with a bird on top for a whale.
We decided that's how the Loch Ness Monster came to be!

Tell me that doesn't look like a Blue Whale!


Mark Sanders