Duane Strosaker at T.A.K.S
For me, T.A.K.S. just wouldn't be T.A.K.S. with out Duane there.
As my main paddling partner, I'd always want him there, but it's more than that. His interests and efforts toward kayaking are evident to all who know him. In the year since T.A.K.S. '06, he has taken up Dubside's rope training and dedicated many hours to the different Greenland rolls.
He was encouraging and helpful when I carved my first GP and around here, is the first font of knowledge people go to for help with a kayaking question.
It was his voice on the water on the light house paddle that reminded people to reassess the conditions and consider group safety and at camp, it was the sounds of his didgeridoo entertaining the folks around the fire.
Needless to say, he was also the man to catch in the race, though nobody did.

San Simeon, 2007