r Traditional Arctic Kayak Symposium 2006, More Photos

T. A. K. S. 2006

Pam, John and Sasha
Our Hosts, Pam & John

A pensive Dubside
His quest for the Holy Grail on hold, Dubside considers a norsaq roll of the Umiak

Sasha and the Umiak
...while Sasha just sees a rawhide chew toy


Tough landing
Crunch & Save
Good save

Deer in Cambria
Jake finds pot-luck in downtown Cambria

Otter country San Simeon Sight Seeing
Coastal exploring

Boat building trio Harpoon practice
Boat building Magi and Harpoon practice

Kayaking Kutey

Lee Shurie

Fading into the background

San Simeon beach Mark Sanders